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Silver Mist

A soothing, refreshing and healing blend of aloe vera, witch-hazel and lavender essential oil in Colloidal Silver.

So many uses.... 

- a first aid kit in a bottle!

  • for healing burns, rashes, cuts, grazes
  • for soothing hot flushes, inflammation, bites and stings
  • as a gentle, natural deodorant (lavender and colloidal silver inhibit bacteria which cause B.O.)
  • as a toner or aftershave (witch-hazel has an astringent/tightening effect on the skin pores)
  • to soothe and relax your children at bedtime
  • antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic 
  • safe and gentle for babies - helps deter nappy rash 
  • to refresh your face, hands and space especially while travelling 
  • cool your skin in hot weather or after a day at the beach - very effective for sunburn

Years of proven effectiveness.....

 I first developed the recipe for Silver Mist in the mid 1990's because I needed a potion to clean my babies' little bottoms! My neighbour introduced me to Colloidal Silver, and after much research and experimentation, I created something that worked really well, and eliminated nappy rash. 

I also found it useful to soothe fractious children at bedtime, for cuts, scrapes, sunburn, and to cool down or freshen up dry skin. Many years later, my friends are finding it very effective for hot flushes and I always have a bottle on hand for travelling - especially during long-haul flights. 

I have now handed out hundreds of bottles to friends and family for various conditions to which they have all reported remarkable results;

  • a girlfriend had nasty burn from her motorbike exhaust-pipe, which was still red and raw 2 days after the accident. She had tried several other remedies but with little effect.  Within moments of spraying Silver Mist on her leg, the burning sensations eased, and after 24hours the redness had reduced. The wound healed quickly with very little scarring. She did have to keep spraying the solution regularly to help ease the pain. 
  • On school camp, many of the children got sunburned. I experimented by spraying half of the burned area that evening. By the morning, there was an obvious difference between the area treated with Silver Mist and the area that wasn't, which was still much redder than the treated side.
  • A friend who had been suffering from tinea, (fungal foot complaint) for some time found that Silver Mist really helped. Ongoing care with keeping air flow and socks washed with natural detergents also helped.