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Waiheke Herb Salts

Currently available from our Webstore , select Huckleberry and Organic stores, or from the following Waiheke Island retailers: Island Grocer, Te Matuku Oysters, Gulf Foods or BUY ONLINE NOW

Italian Herb Salt

with Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Garlic and Italian herbs: Parsley, Rosemary, Oregano.

Add just more than plain salt to enhance your meals! Italian herb salt will add that unique Meditteranean flavour to your meals as well as the balance of minerals we need everyday from organic NZ Sea Salt. ideal flavour for pizza, pasta, potatoes, salads, soups, stews...

Wild Herb Salt

with Chilli, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper & Wild Herbs: Nasturtium leaf & flowers, Dandelion

Add spice, heat and colour to your Asian and Indian cuisine!

Native Herb Salt

with Manuka, Kawakawa, Kokihi and Karengo

Truly an aromatic and taste experience of New Zealand’s pure native bush and coastline.

This flavour goes well with meats, seafood, eggs, steamed vegetables, sushi, rice and other Japanese cuisine.


Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) - or Ti Tree (named by Captain Cook as a alternative ingredient to make a cup of tea)

This shrub grows over most of New Zealand’s coast assisting in the regeneration of native bush beneath it’s protective fast-growing canopy. It’s healing properties are best known as an ingredient in Manuka Honey - anti-bacterial and stimulating for the digestion and circulation.

Manuka has an astringent quality and aromatic sharp flavour most commonly used for producing smoked meats.

Kawakawa - (Piper excelsum) was such a revered healing plant, that it was considered sacred by New Zealand’s native Maori people.

The anaesthetic properties were used to treat most aches and pains, heal wounds and it’s diuretic action to purify the internal system. A cousin of Kava - it’s sedative effect was also useful. Kawakawa has a fresh, minty flavour which goes well with many types of dishes.

Kokihi - (Tetragonia tetragonioides) - or NZ Spinach - is found right throughout the pacific and surrounding countries such as South America and Japan, where it can sometimes be an invasive species, but probably existed in New Zealand well before Maori arrived. It grows quite happily wild in the salty, sandy coastal environment of New Zealand.

Packed with many vitamins and minerals = particularly iron, manganese, Vitamin C, B6 and Vitamin K - this sprawling plant with fleshy, crystalline leaves, was useful to assist with blood clotting and to fight scurvy! It’s flavour is very similar to spinach.

NZ Seaweed- (Pyropia columbina) - this delicate variety of seaweed is native to New Zealand and found growing around the eastern coastline of the South Island. Wild harvested during winter, Maori considered this a delicacy. High in Vitamin A, B2, B3, B9, Iron, Zinc, Calcium…

Naturally, the flavour of seaweed suits seafood dishes. Also adds a savoury taste to flavour to Miso soup, eggs, steamed vegetables, rice etc.