Waiheke Herbs 

Artisan herbal culinary and skincare products

                                  About us!

A lifelong passion for herbs, healthy living and wholesome food inspired Wendy Kendall to develop a range of products using 100% natural and delicious ingredients to help nourish and heal her family and friends. In 1985, she began a series of courses and workshops in herbalism, nutrition, natural body-care and healing, and was particularly interested in using wild weeds and native plants. She soon began making her own skin-care products, spreads and condiments. 

After she moved to Waiheke Island in 1992 to raise a family, she began experimenting with the wild herbs growing vigorously! in her backyard. Observing which herbs would grow year round, the now famous Waiheke Herb Spread was invented, and with encouragement from her friends, she launched the product at the local market in 2002 (just as her youngest son started school). Since then Wendy has grown the business into nationwide distribution and occasional exports with support from her family and friends who all get involved somewhere along the way; from helping to tend the herb gardens and manufacture the products, to packaging and promotions. 

Our Waiheke Herbs Team has now grown to a a total of 8!  who participate part-time as either sales reps, packaging professionals, or manufacturing maestros! 


Here we are at our 2017 Staff event at The Botanical Distillery on Waiheke Island, 

- sipping the gin we had just made! 

Left to right:  Wendy K, Dawn (assistant manager), Sandi (labelling), Kay (Herb Spread mfg), Sarah (gardens), Stefany (Herb Spread mfg) and Kristi (Sales Auckland). 

Our Bay of Plenty sales rep, Claire Harper-Wilson, was busy working down in Tauranga that day!